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Belfast: Our Recovery

In response to the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic during 2020 and 2021, the Council has been working with partners across central and local government, as well as working closely with voluntary and community sector partners, to support local people impacted by restrictions on every day life, and to support local businesses.

We know the pandemic is impacting significantly on the city’s economy, and on community and social wellbeing of its citizens, and we want to ensure that Belfast is ready to recover its economy as we emerge from the pandemic in the coming months. We are also mindful that the climate crisis facing the city remains a significant issue, while also presenting an opportunity for Belfast to build back with interventions that contribute to a more sustainable future, while at the same time bringing new opportunities for employment and economic growth.

 With this in mind, we published the ‘Belfast: Our Recovery’ framework in October 2020, setting out 5 key out 5 key areas we will be focusing on in leading recovery moving forward:

Building foundations and longer term recovery